Your Number Man & Digital Soulmate

About the project

Your Number Man's Podcast Hub

Nurturing package

Since 2022, I have been working with Johan from Your Number Man.

Johan is a qualified Cost Accountant and Business Economist with over 25 years of experience. He specialises in business numbers that provide owners and managers with the drive, focus, and clarity for a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

His mission is to empower business owners to achieve a Bigger Life in their Business.

The situation

Besides helping customers face to face, Johan desired to reach a broader audience. He decided to start a podcast to share his over two decades of knowledge. All podcast episodes are available on Spotify and YouTube.

For this reason, Johan needed a professional website where his listeners can visit after listening to his episodes and inquire for more information.

Johan's experience

Love the way Niels asked the right questions to come up with great ideas what I really wanted and best ways for my clients will resonate with my business. Marketing with Soul!!!

The solution

We have developed the following solutions, resulting in a website that is optimised for his face-2-face customers and podcast listeners.

Please take a look for yourself! I’m delighted to assist Johan and his community and to be a part of his journey!

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