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Dream start package

A full-service package with all the necessary online and offline solutions to make a dream start!


Dream start package

About this package

This package starts with a logo that captivates your needs and that of your target market. It contains the necessary research and analysis you need to create an impactful logo.

It also contains a 6-page high-quality, engaging website optimised for an optimal user experience and search engine ranking. I also help you set up social media channels and offline solutions such as business cards and flyers.

Why should you choose this package?


What do I get in return for my trust and investment?

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Professional logo

A logo is a visual representation of what your company stands for. It is quirky, professional, heart-centred, and evokes many positive feelings at first glance. An impactful professional logo gives you an edge over your competitors. It also helps create a strong and reliable impression that you need upon starting or rebranding your business.

What’s included?

6-page website

Creating just a website is neither time-consuming nor requires much energy and skills. But, making it engaging, user-centred and attractive does! A high-quality website engages customers and keeps them on your site with multiple visits by showing interest in your products and services. It requires critical thinking, collaboration, testing and several iterations until we obtain a perfect result that will make you stand out from the rest!

What’s included?
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Content optimisation

Texts, imagery, videos, testimonials, call to action, or any other content is crucial for your website. Through my skills and with the help of a professional content checker, I ensure that your web content is high quality, captivating and conversion-driven.

What’s included?

Search engine optimisation

If your website lacks optimisation for search engines like Google, Yahoo or Ecosia
(the search engine that plants trees), you will fail to be discovered by your target market.
I will integrate several techniques that create a strong SEO foundation that will make you discoverable by these search engines. After this, your website will rise on the ‘Google’ ranking by investing time, money, and energy in online marketing through blogs, referrals, and social media content. I can help you with this too.

What’s included?
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Green hosting and support

I register all items (i.e., hosting, domain, email) with SiteGround. It is a reliable and optimised WordPress, fast, and affordable web hosting business that matches 100% of the energy consumed with renewable energy. All items listed below are part of the package for the first year. After the first year, this will usually be $150 (exclusive of support) for each additional year (max. 2 GB Web Space + max 10.000 monthly visitors).

What’s included?

Setup social media channels

Choosing the right social media channels and content marketing strategy is crucial for your business. They are great and often highly cost-effective methods to attract and engage potential or existing customers. I will help you choosing the channels and create banners for each so they will look sharp and consistent irrespective of the device your target customers use.

What’s included?
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Offline marketing materials

The best marketing strategies connect and combine offline and online campaigns. Think about offline marketing as a medium to show off your company and build trust with your clients. A delicate and compelling business card and flyer can create that first impression that your clientele will not forget.

What’s included?

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