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My 5 steps to create a heart-centred logo

Step 1. About your business assignment

The process always starts with an ‘about your business’ assignment for the customer. The purpose is to obtain important information, such as the why, how, and what core values and keywords the logo should represent. The keywords and core values can be abstract such as ‘love’ or ‘organic’, or more specific such as ‘northern star’ or ‘lotus flower’.

about your business assignment for client
three different colour pallettes

Step 2. Design style and competitor research

I look for fonts, graphics, and colour schemes that fit the overall philosophy of the client’s business.

Step 3. Creating different concepts

Ideally, I create at least three different and unique concepts (depending on the client’s budget and requirements) from which the client can choose. This stage is about exploring various options rather than aiming for the perfect logo. Typically, at least one or two concepts resonate with the client.

three different logo concepts
trying out different colours on a logo

Step 4. Refine chosen concept(s)

I will refine the concept according to our chosen direction. I will also experiment with different fonts, sizes, colours, positions, and combinations.

Step 5. Final concept

I will refine and optimise the logo until the client feels content. After that, I give all files to the clients for their marketing purposes.

logo with a woman in the middle of a circle

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