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How to lead customers from social media to your website

You must share your knowledge with your target market to grow your business and build trust and belief that you are the person who can help them solve their problems.

Advantages of social media

Small business owners share their knowledge on social media, but only a few invest time, energy, and money in their website and search engine optimisation (SEO.) It makes sense because social media:

Disadvantages of social media

But there are a few drawbacks of just using social media for your business:

From social media to your website

I would certainly encourage you to use social media BUT not as the only tool to grow your business. Use it as a tool to connect and engage with your target audience and then redirect them straight to your website.

illustration how to lead customers from social media to your website
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Your website should be the go-to place and central point for all your online content. It builds trust, sells faster, and grows your customer database, especially using opt-in features like email marketing. And guess what? It will improve your SEO score as well!

What to add to a business website and improve findability (SEO)?

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Time to promote your website content on your social media!

Since you have created so many unique pages/posts, you can promote them one by one on your social media channels. For example, we will use a blog article, but you can apply a similar approach to all other content. See the website example below.

example of a post banner


When done, you will promote this blog on your social media channels. I recommend using the same photo, headline, title and little paragraph of your content.

example of a facebook post


Lots of visitors on your website?

If a large audience visits your blogs, it is worth investing in an opt-in (email marketing for your blogs or other content) option on your website. It is one of the best ways to build a client/customer database. Feel free to contact me about your options.

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