Epiphany's Key & Digital Soulmate

About the project

A logo and website with a great story for Epiphany’s Key

Great start package | Nurturing package

Since 2021, I have been working with Maya from Epiphany’s Key. Maya is on a mission to empower traumatic women. These women learn to give back to themselves and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

The situation

Maya had a clear vision. She wanted a logo and website that looked nothing like anyone else’s. Maya wanted to use her logo to tell a story on her website. The look and feel of the website had to be dark (minimal use of white) and represent nature, green witch, gothic style and warm colours. She also required separate pages for all her services and events to promote them on her social media channels.  

close up of a woman

Maya's experience

Working with Niels the Digital Soulmate in developing my website has been an amazing experience. It has been a creative process where my ideas were not just heard but respected and transformed into what is a beautiful expression of my work and myself.

The solution

We have created the following solutions resulting in a beautiful authentic website that tells its story. Some parts of the website are automated to save Maya a few hours in the long run.

Please check it out yourself! I feel pleased to help Maya and her community and be part of this process!

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