Eartheaven & Digital Soulmate

About the project

A vibrant and colourful one-scroll page website for Eartheaven

Startup package

Since 2021, I have been working with Sarandei from Eartheaven. Sarandei wanted to start a community for coaching, lifestyle, arts, and healing businesses. She wants to bring great leaders together with a hub for growth, health, wisdom, fun, magic, and transformation.

The situation

Sarandei is an artist who is very adept at creating various forms of art. For this reason, she wanted to provide the logo and background header for the website herself.

Technology isn’t her greatest strength and passion, so she needed someone to help her build a website. The look and feel of the website had to match well with her logo and header and contain ‘earthly’ colours. She wanted to include her ‘Ascension’ programme and the opportunity to request more information.

photo of a smiling woman

Sarandei's experience

How can I begin to describe the incredible person Niels is
a) to work with
b) to rely upon
c) for his work ethics
d) attention to detail and style
as well as being an impeccable person who absolutely is 111% genuine, attentive and professional. Thanks so much for everything Niels, and I look forward to our continued collaboration into the future!

The solution

We have created the following solutions resulting in a vibrant and colourful website.

Please check it out yourself! I am pleased to help Sarandei and her community and be part of this process!

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