De Stottercoach & Digital Soulmate

About the project

200+ conversions within 6 months for ‘De Stottercoach’

Great start package | Nurturing package

I have been collaborating with Frank Loomans from ‘De Stottercoach’ for over 10 years. Frank operates a business that employs a holistic and spiritual approach to assist individuals who stutter in improving their lives and regaining confidence.

The situation

Frank had a considerable amount of time, energy, and money available to establish his business properly from the outset. He aimed for solutions that would enable him to concentrate on his client work rather than investing heavily in marketing.

Given his financial resources, we opted for the Great Start package. However, instead of utilising all the items included, we selected specific components, reserving the remaining hours to incorporate additional pages into his website.

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Frank's experience

Looking for a unique website that looks great and which is able to attract and convert new customers? Then the Digital Soulmate is your perfect partner!

The solution

We have created the following solutions that helped Stottercoach achieve over 200 website conversions in just six months.

Please take a look for yourself! I’m delighted to assist Frank and his community and to be a part of his journey!

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