Pedicure Ariette and Digital Soulmate

Pedicure Ariette & Digital Soulmate About the project A beautiful logo and website for Pedicure Ariette Startup package Since 2022, I have been working with Joyce from Pedicure Ariette. Joyce’s dream was to set up her own pedicure business and to help people experience the sensation of ‘walking on clouds’. The situation Joyce wanted a […]

Epiphany’s Key and Digital Soulmate

Epiphany’s Key & Digital Soulmate About the project A logo and website with a great story for Epiphany’s Key Great start package | Nurturing package Since 2021, I have been working with Maya from Epiphany’s Key. Maya is on a mission to empower traumatic women. These women learn to give back to themselves and sustain […]

Empowered Academy and Digital Soulmate

Empowered Academy & Digital Soulmate About the project Saving 10 hours a week for Empowered Academy Dream start package | Nurturing package Since 2020, I have been working with Ben Clarke from Empowered Academy. Ben runs a coaching business that assists individuals with reconnecting and revealing their most empowered selves so they can perform better […]

Eartheaven and Digital Soulmate

Eartheaven & Digital Soulmate About the project A vibrant and colourful one-scroll page website for Eartheaven Startup package Since 2021, I have been working with Sarandei from Eartheaven. Sarandei wanted to start a community for coaching, lifestyle, arts, and healing businesses. She wants to bring great leaders together with a hub for growth, health, wisdom, […]

De Stottercoach and Digital Soulmate

De Stottercoach & Digital Soulmate About the project 200+ conversions within 6 months for ‘De Stottercoach’ Dream start package | Nurturing package I have been working with Frank Loomans from ‘De Stottercoach’ for a long time. Frank runs a business that uses a holistic and spiritual approach to help individuals who stutter improve their life […]

My 5 steps to create a heart-centred logo

illustration of a drawing hand

Step 1. About your business assignment The process always starts with an ‘about your business’ assignment for the customer. The purpose is to obtain important information, such as the why, how, and what core values and keywords the logo should represent. The keywords and core values can be abstract such as ‘love’ or ‘organic’, or […]

How to lead customers from social media to your website

illustration of a landing page

You must share your knowledge with your target market to grow your business and build trust and belief that you are the person who can help them solve their problems. Advantages of social media Small business owners share their knowledge on social media, but only a few invest time, energy, and money in their website […]

5 things your heart-centred homepage should have

illustration website content on a laptop

1. A personal photo and strong headline Choose a personal photo that perfectly captures your company’s value proposition. It could be you working with a client, teaching a group of people, or anything else that shows what you do as a business. It must touch the visitors’ emotions. Think about the type of postures, clothing, […]