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5 things your heart-centred homepage should have

1. A personal photo/video and strong headline

Choose a personal photo/video that perfectly captures your company’s value proposition. It could feature you working with a client, teaching a group of people, or engaging in any activity that showcases what your business does. The image or video should evoke emotion in visitors. Consider the postures, clothing, and background to ensure they align with your brand identity. Finally, add a catchy headline that complements the photo/video and encapsulates your business’s essence.

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example painpoints on the homepage

2. Pain points

Your target audience visits your website seeking solutions to their problems. Potential customers experience a certain level of discomfort and seek relief. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify some of their pain points. You can also provide solutions or benefits, or direct them to another page where you elaborate on this in more detail.

3. The ‘why’ of your business

The “why” of your business holds significant importance in your industry. Your target audience desires to be associated with endeavors that contribute to making the world a better place. Therefore, it’s essential to have a compelling piece of content that articulately explains the motivations behind your actions.

example mission statement
example services on a homepage

4. Your services

It’s crucial to showcase some of your services on your website. If you offer a wide range, I recommend highlighting 2 or 3 of the most impactful services. Provide brief explanations of each, and then direct visitors to a dedicated landing page where they can find more detailed information.

5. Social Proof

Social proof is another essential element to include on your site. It demonstrates that others trust and value your services. I allow my clients the freedom to write testimonials in their own words and length. However, if a testimonial is too lengthy, I recommend selecting a specific paragraph containing a maximum of 150 words to maintain clarity and impact.

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